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Let me photoshop your family into the Christmas card you’ve always wanted!

Funny? Exciting? Emotional?

YOU Pick! It just can’t be boring :)

Every year holiday cards are tough... forcing everyone into a family picture, coordinating colors, getting the kids to smile...

Let me help!

Your friends and family will look forward to your Christmas cards every year, some will even save them as part of their yearly decorations. 

How Does It Work?

Glad you asked. Give me a call or send me an email telling me you’re interested. We’ll discuss ideas you have, or I can offer up some suggestions based on how many people need to be in the picture as well as ages and themes that represent your family.

Once we agree on what the poster will be, we’ll schedule a time for me to come take pictures. Then a week later you’ll have a Cinematic Christmas Card delivered to your inbox.

Because I’m using Photoshop, every family member may not have to be at the original photo shoot, depending on the picture. We can schedule 2 or 3 shoots if we need to, and sometimes a headshot is all I need so it doesn’t have to take long.

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Backstory and Additional Info

This service is not open to the general public. My main business is video production. I started doing this for my family several years ago, it caught on, and now I’m offering it up to my neighbors to try and spread some Holiday cheer. You likely received an ad in the mail, I only sent those to 2 neighborhoods! (This page is not listed on my home site, so only people with the address can view it.)

What if your neighbor makes the same card as you?

Because this is only open to a small community, I can easily manage which cards, or movies, are being utilized each year. If you pick Home Alone, and someone else is already using it, I’ll let you know so we don’t have any duplicates going out.


Your personal information is incredibly valuable. I will never use your family’s pictures or information for advertising and will not share any information including address and children’s names with 3rd party vendors. I have an NDA we can both sign if you would like. I live here too and I fully understand how careful we need to be.

You’ll notice I only have my personal family cards on this site. I won’t share your family cards without asking.



This includes the photo shoot and a digital copy, front and back, of your Christmas Card. We can handle printing and mailing as well at an additional rate of $3.00 per card (includes matte printing, postage, return label, envelope, addressed and mailed).

Payment can be made by check or Credit Card through a Paypal or American Express link (your choice) I will send you. I can also accept Venmo. A 50% deposit is due in order to confirm your booking and place in line, then a final invoice will be sent upon completion.

What About The Back?

This is one of my favorite parts! We can either take it as a space to share updates about the family and things you’ve done the past year, or do something clever in the theme of the genre chosen. For the year my family did Star Wars we wrote out the Biblical Christmas story in the style of what would be seen on the back of the Star Wars DVD. Other years we tell what the kids have been up to.

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