Healthcare & Medical Video Production

Over the past few years we've been developing relationships in the healthcare industry. We have found that custom made videos have greatly improved compliance and HIPAA training. 

Whether it's continuing education, or training for new hires, we can help you write and produce a library of training videos that your facilities and staff can utilize for years to come.

It saves the instructors the time of preparing and delivering lectures on an ongoing basis, and it allows employees the flexibility to watch the trainings whenever is convenient, instead of having to attend a training that might interfere with their schedule. 

LHP Hospital Group

LHP is a hospital group with hospitals spanning from Texas to Florida. We helped them create an online portal with training videos that their doctors and staff can use for continuing education.


Some Training Topics Include:

  • Vendor Gifts
  • Employment Practices
  • Patient Room
  • Physician Financial Relationships
  • Nurse's Station
  • HR Hotline
  • ED Registration
  • Surgery
  • Compliance Overview
  • HIPAA Rules and Regulations

In addition to traditional "Lecture-style" trainings, we can produce "Film-style" scenes that your trainers can use for illustrations in their trainings. We will provide these scenes to you on DVDs, so you can use them at live trainings as well as show them through your online library. These scenes will help your audience visualize the topic being discussed and will liven up any training session while illustrating what to do, or what not to do in certain situations. 

Please contact us to discuss how we can help your organization with video training courses!