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Austin Hines



Austin has owned and operated Double A Pictures since it's inception in 2005. He has traveled the world producing a wide variety of film and video projects. He's followed missionaries through Kenya, lived at orphanages in India, floated in the Dead Sea and witnessed the political arena of Speaker's Corner in London - all while wearing a camera. 

Austin has directed both long and short video formats. His feature length film, Singularity Principle, is available on iTunes and Dish. 

He has a White German Shepherd and enjoys solving Rubik's Cubes in his spare time. 


Steve Rupp



Steve has worked with Double A Pictures since 2014 and has recently helped us expand to the Saint-Paul/Minneapolis market.  Steve works with clients based in Minnesota such as Arvig, Kawasaki, Polaris, and THOR. He is the creative director for Commonwealth Properties –– creating and executing the promotional strategy for Saint Paul Athletic Club, The University Club of Saint Paul, WA Frost, The Commodore, and other Commonwealth brands.



Ricky Anderson II


Ricky was introduced to video production in 2005 and hasn’t put the camera down since. His passion led him to Fort Worth where he earned his degree in Film, Television & Digital Media from Texas Christian University. Ricky was one of the few selected to be a member of YouTube's flagship "YouTube Creator’s Institute" at Columbia College in Chicago and has been featured on YouTube’s home page.

With over 10 years of experience in video production, Ricky brings his expertise in creating engaging and entertaining videos to Double A Pictures.  



Justin Kirchhoff


Justin Kirchhoff  was an early adopter of 4K video. He heard about the format when RED Digital Cinema first announced its RED ONE 4K camera back in 2006. Though many were initially skeptical of the format, Kirchhoff saw the value of investing in the format and has been working with 4K footage for over five years.

Justin has made incredible spots for brands such as Logitech, Verizon, Coors Light and 7-Eleven. 

He has also directed numerous award-winning short films and has been honored to have directed music videos for bands such as Quiet Company, Erin Ivey, Courrier, and Emily Wolfe. His music video for Tanner Patrick's "Merry Go Round", has almost 1.5 million views!


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Nathan Marlow



Nathan Marlow has made a strong name for himself in the entertainment industry not only as an actor but also a producer. His in-depth knowledge of both the business and creative aspects of the industry has lead to a substantial list of film credits as well as several projects in development. Nathan is responsible for producing, acting, directing, and writing over a dozen independent films, web series & tv shows, including the award winning 2009 Netflix "Find Your Voice" film competition called "Almost Kings", award winning film "Caught Inside", and "The Buddy System".

He has directed & produced home health commercials as well as short & long narrative projects.